One simple act of kindness can change someone’s life forever. For the month of March we are challenging YOU to love people like Jesus loves through acts of kindness. All it takes is saying  yes to opportunities to do good, cherishing people, serving needs, and sharing His life-changing kindness.

View all of our act of kindness ideas below:


Act of Kindness Ideas

  • Take a meal or bake a dessert for the family of a deployed service member or veteran in your community
  • Pay for someone else’s gas
  • Pay for coffee or drink for the person behind you
  • Deliver baked goods to your neighbors
  • Pay for unpaid school lunches
  • Donate bus passes to Be Able
  • Fill up blessing boxes in our community
  • Invite your unconnected neighbors over for dinner
  • Gift a gift card to your bank teller, grocery clerk, mail carrier, etc.
  • Leave a big tip for your server
  • Send a care package to a service member who is currently deployed: You can contact the ACS at (785)239-9435 or The ACS will reach out to a rear detachment commander who will obtain a mailing address of a forward operating base.
  • Pay for the meal of the people at the next table
  • Deliver a goodie basket to the school to be placed in the teacher’s break room
  • Create a bag full of imperishable food, gift cards, $1 bills, etc. Sometimes just having these supplies on hand supports our awareness of others and helps cultivate a heart of anticipation for moments to make a difference.
  • Take your kid’s teacher his/her favorite beverage
  • Invite a college student over for dinner
  • Offer to watch a friend’s kids for free (you’re unconnected friend)
  • Make a list of people in your life who you value and appreciate. Write them a note and attach their favorite treat onto it!
  • While you’re at the car wash, pay for another car
  • Deliver cookies to the Manhattan FHVC office to be delivered to Fort Riley. Gathered twice a month, cookies are provided to uniformed soldiers during their in and out processing at the Soldier Readiness Process Building which could take up to 8 hours for the soldiers. Currently occurs on the 1st and 3rd Thursdays of the month.
  • Offer to pray over your waiter and waitress
  • Give your time to your unconnected neighbors by mowing their lawn, raking leaves, picking up dog poop, walking their dog, etc.
  • Help organize a block party over spring break to invite your neighbors to
  • Go to a local laundromat and pay for someone’s laundry






Share Your Act of Kindness Story With Us!
  • Order a pizza at your small group, pool together and give the delivery driver a BIG tip
  • Buy a widow/foster parent/military wife flowers
  • Go give blood
  • Put together Easter baskets for a family who needs a hand-up
  • Take a coworker out to lunch
  • Deliver dinner to one of the soldiers at the barracks
  • Make homemade cards for kids in foster care
  • Make homemade cards for seniors
  • Put together a dinner-on-us basket for the homeless
  • Deliver goodies to the local police, EMT, and fire stations
  • Fill up your office pantry with snacks, coffee, etc.
  • Invite a someone who is new to the area over for dinner
  • Give someone a shoutout on Facebook and highlight something AWESOME that they have done
  • Donate clothes to the USD 383 FIT Closet
  • Invite an international student over for dinner
  • Go to a Common Table Meal Site and spend time listening to people’s stories and showing them that they are valued
  • Volunteer your time to help at Ogden Friendship House of Hope | Contact them by calling 785-537-5116 to schedule a time to volunteer


  • Donate imperishable food items to Cat’s Cupboard
  • Invite unconnected friends over for a game night
  • Offer to be a designated driver for your unconnected friends
  • Offer to pay for someone’s lunch in the Union
  • Help with Mobile Food Distribution | for more information email